About Giant Hugs

Kindness, generosity, and community are the essence of Giant Hugs.  Our mission is to help you and the trailblazers you follow -- influencers and brands alike -- be a force for good.

Our goal is to build a community with you, committed to making a difference. We work with influencers and brands to provide high-quality products you love, while empowering you to support them and the causes that they and you are passionate about. A portion of sales from each campaign will go to benefit those charities that are doing the hard work for all of us.

In the busyness of everyday, it's easy to lose sight of what's worth fighting for and what you care about. This is more than just a purchase. We wish to inspire you to do good, have a positive state of mind, stay humble, give back, educate others, push for change, and make the world a kinder place for all of us to share in.

This is your life, and remember... We all need a Giant Hug sometimes.